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The industry could incentivise women by paying them (for example) to have sex with male prostitutes.

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Sex worker dating

We don’t, after all, want to mistake population-level trait distribution as a measure of individual worth.

We want to reward the rare man who can do the job by providing him with equal opportunities and equal pay.

In the arena of sex work, then, men are hugely underrepresented, offered fewer opportunities, and get paid less for doing the same job. We could have complex discussions about power dynamics and patriarchy.

We could celebrate change and progress; the fact that in the UK, at least, sex workers can now work legally and in relative safety, while acknowledging the work yet to do in ending trafficking and violence. Because there’s a much simpler explanation – and solution. The answer has been there all the time, in the form of biological differences.

And we could speculate about the role of sex workers in an increasingly egalitarian society, and how men’s role specifically may or should change. Simply put – and, while I realise this is contentious to even say – Sounds ridiculous? Women, on average, are more interested in people than men are.

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