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(Side note: This scene freaking rules.) Eventually, Littlefinger is on his knees in front of Sansa, crying to squeeze out a few crocodile tears as he begs her for mercy. (For more, read our sincere ode to the master manipulator here.) HOUSE LANNISTER: JUST KIDDING!“Thank you for all your many lessons, Lord Baelish. EDITION | Cersei explains to Jaime that she was lying when she said she’d help fight the White Walkers.And when Theon points out that Yara needs him now, Jon has one question: “So why are you still talking to me?

When everyone is assembled in the pit, Bronn and Pod leave the “fancy folks” — which include Jorah, Varys and Missandei — to chat.

Cersei swans in with Jaime, Qyburn, Euron and The Mountain behind her, looking like nothing so much as an evil David Bowie.

He can be unnamed.” When Sansa points out that Arya wouldn’t be on board with that, she adds that her sister is a Faceless Man now. “Lady of Winterfell,” the redhead says, seemingly shocked by the realization.

He does a lot more whispery slither talk, but the upshot of it is that he convinces Sansa that Arya is there to kill her and that everything — including finding the letter in Littlefinger’s room — was laying the groundwork for the big event. HOUSE TARGARYEN | Back at Dragonstone, Team Dragon decides that Jon and Dany will sail together to the north in a show of unity, because “I’m not coming to conquer the north, I’m coming to save the north,” she says.

: If you don’t have a giant wall on your border, bloodthirsty creatures bent on destruction will flood into your lands. Meanwhile, Cersei takes The Mountain to the meeting with her.

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