Sexy phone cam dance

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Me and Sam get into this on our newest podcast (GO LISTEN TO IT YA BUMS). It was simple and easy to do, which makes it easy to mock, which to me is the sign of a good celebration. I loved Kaep’s bicep kiss and Cam’s SUPERMAN thing.

There was a little bit of dancing before the dab motion, but it was the dab itself (Which to me still looks like you are sneezing into your elbow crease) that people liked to do.

Usagi gets a flyer and finds out that the school is using some kind of sexy girls dancing on webcam "Crystal disc" that can make one more intelligent, which Luna suggests would be a good idea.

Nervous breakdown from indian and african slaves during the first half of menstrual cycle, you may not reach.

We got Migos member Quavo out at LAX and asked him about Cam's recent statements that it was officially time to retire the Dab -- a dance that Migos are credited with starting.

Check out the clip -- if you're expecting Quavo to rage against the dying trend of the Dab, you're dead wrong ...

he actually AGREES that the move has run its course and does a final dab just for our cameras.

Sexy phone cam dance

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