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Immediately following the invocation mentioned above, at , Shawn starts out by asking “Is there a Kenny or Kenneth Ray and a Patricia Lou, who came together?

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” (Also, for what it’s worth, on March 31, they shared a link for Azusa Now on the page; and a few days later, on April 6, Kenny posted a status to his own Facebook saying “On our way to LA tomorrow for Azusa Now.”)It’s hard to make sense of exactly what Shawn’s referring to here.

The mention of healing “in your body,” combined with the fact that he’s addressing Tricia in particular, might seem to suggest physical ailments; but in talking about the “list of things you need” from (for?

He offers messages of encouragement to his audience, which he claims actually come from Jesus himself.

Above all, they’re highly personalized, suggesting a deep personal knowledge of the individuals in question: he often starts by asking something like “Is there a [name] in the audience?

In any case though, suffice it to say, just as this information was available to the blogger who discovered it, so it would have been available to any of the speakers at the event, too.

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