So sick of dating write bio dating site

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The other day a 28yo hottie replied to my online message "you're cute, and your profile is not too shabby compared to the others I see her." Time to shake off that "all i do is try meeting women online" image, and more importantly, your beliefs. I agree with much of what you told him, but I would add that he might consider moving.

The OP’s situation is quite typical for a young man who’s done “everything right” (education, career, finances, health and fitness) but who remains stymied by the exigencies of modern dating.

Women love dating men who have more social experience then they do. Many younger women love it when a man can competently talk about dating, like i do here.

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YOU are taking her on a date, go give her a tour of your dating experience. Then believe or not there are a good number of hot females on youtube giving good dating and relationship advice.

Act like and become someone with very good social experience. Start mastering the art of dating and relationship talk.

It is just too difficult to compete online for women.

What you are missing to be successful on dating sites, is the conversation skills you learn from meeting women in person, along with having a profile that communicates your have an active social life. If he's in a rural area and/or the South (or even some parts of the Midwest, to a lesser extent), where people often get married very young or leave, being single in his late 20's through early 40's is not the same as it is in So Cal where you live.

It's price but those guys are the best at reprogramming your head about dating rules and skills.

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