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Yet each of the Singles Events from Right are different, meaning sometimes you find people you click with, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you make new friends and sometimes you find your perfect match.Butterflies 'a' fluttering, stumbling over your ill-put-together sentences and traces of toothpaste on your t-shirt; first dates can be a nerve-wracking affair unless you're Lord Byron or the don of love.

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All we ask is that we get an invite to the wedding.

There's something about great cocktails, delicious food and a roster of brilliant live music events that all tot up to make a perfect combination for a first date.

Based around the moonshine-slinging prohibition style bars of the 1920s, Speakeasy at The Wick is a sure fire shot for any first date night in Brighton, especially if they're into that sort of thing.

One of the hardest things about first dates is breaking that initial nerve-wracking ice and from what we've heard, laughter is about as ice smashing as it get.

To help, we've put together a cracking list of drinking dens for that all important first meeting.

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