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It’s the Greco-Roman, Byzantium (Turkey) and not Rome Italy.Through God’s providence, Islam failed to unify the globe and recreate Babel in which everyone fully adheres to the Arabization process of Islam.It is not surprising then that a conflict between national and local development plans rapidly erupted, dividing the country into Pro TAV, and No TAV groups.

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Not only is it part of a national railway development plan, it is also one of the priority infrastructure projects of the European Union (EU), as the Turin–Lyon segment will form the intersection of two main axes connecting northern Europe to the south, west and east of the region.

It is a key element of “Corridor n°5” on the west-east axis that will link Lisbon to Budapest initially and to Kiev eventually, completing the European railway network by developing passenger and goods transport.

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) The Sheitat Tribe has a long, decorated history of fighting in Syria; many on the ground in the east see them as the last remaining barrier to ISIS domination of Deir Ezzor, which with its numerous oil fields is a key prize for the ISIS.

This week’s fighting was reportedly triggered by ISIS’s detention of three Sheitat tribesmen, violating the agreement made between the two sides, in which the Shaitat said it would not oppose ISIS in return for the extremists agreeing to not attack its members.

Since World War II its economy has shifted from agriculture to industry, mainly steel, services and trade.

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