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The soundtrack features music from: William Goodrum (The Proposition), David J.Hodge (the segment Superhero Speed Dating), Christophe Beck and Leo Birenberg (Happy Birthday segment), Below you can view the complete Movie 43 Soundtrack (score) list: –”THE THREAD”– The End Of The Girl – Kiss The Girl F-bomb – Shaun Michaud –”THE CATCH”– Beautiful Dream – Tim Urban The Eternal Wonder of Love – Billy Goodrum Cleveland – Billy Goodrum The Lagoon Cabin – Billy Goodrum –”HOMESCHOOLED”– Retard Money – Robert L. Throughout time, Mobians and other creatures and objects have leaked into our dimension, but they are found and captured by G. He yells at them asking what they were doing, and Sonic replies that Freemen owes him for saving his baby niece. Freemen says fine, but asks where his toothbrush is. Tails says they must go there because there is a Chaos Emerald detection there.

The echidna says his name is Knuckles, and he is the guardian of the Master Emerald. Abraham Tower tells Freemen he knows he has the Blue Blur, because they saw the Tornado in the sky. They fly over the Atlantic Ocean and see the Egg Fleet. ships are shot down, but many are still fightinthe Tails flys the Tornado under the Egg Carrier to take out the cannons.

He blames Sonic and friends for trying to steal the Master Emerald, but Sonic says they just want the Chaos Emerald, but Knuckles doesn't believe him, and gets into a fist fight with Sonic. He says they need the hedgehogs help to defeat this global threat. Tails tells Sonic that he needs to go in and save Sarah, the Master Emerald, and the Chaos Emerald so he can destroy the Egg Carrier. Tails tells Sonic he needs to land onto the main deck to get to the To notification Chamber. She yells at him to let her go, but Eggman says she is the perfect test subject for robotification.

Eggman laughs and says that Mobians power combined with the Master Emerald can create the ultimate robotification. Eggman then presses a button and power starts to drain from Sonic Tails and Knuckles. He picks up a gun from the robot and fires it at the machine, but it doesn't do anything. Sonic is about to go out with them, but all of a sudden, a giant robot with evil claws comes out from the pit, it is robotized Eggman.

The power from Tails starts to go higher than Sonic and Knuckles combined, and it starts to go higher and higher, then it explodes, breaks the machine, and blacks out the lights. Eggman grabs Sonic and Sonic starts fighting robot Eggman.

Robots start attacking Tails, and Tails brings out an arm cannon, and fires at the robots. Sonic goes to Tails and asks Tails what that was all about, to which Tails says he doesn't know.

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