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Sex Education Preconception Miscarriages Fertility Issues Adoption Pregnancy Newborn Care Baby Names Baby Naming Tips Baby's Diet Child's Healthcare Child Development Pre-Schools Raising Children Food & Nutrition Manners & Discipline Intelligent Child Confident Child Teen Issues Mummy, I think I should start waxing. Be realistic, and understand that just by disallowing her to wax will not automatically ensure that she stops wanting it and starts concentrating on her studies. You're thinking that she should be concentrating on her studies instead of on beauty matters.Name: tsk City: toronto Comments: i was a person who had alot of excessive hair. i have an old fashioned mom who doesn't wax or thread or use make up.

Now I think I will allow her to wax if she asks me.

Thanks Name: Deepa City: Chennai Comments: I think you should have some filter mechanism so that "priti" and their lot do not use this otherwise good site as a platform for advertising kiddy porn. There is no consensus or "love" only an abuse of power by those entrusted with the care of the child.

Tell her that at this age she should be focusing on her studies, but at the same time, let her know that you understand. If she gets good grades in her next exam, if she starts waking up at a certain time, or if she goes regularly for her tennis lessons, she can start waxing. First start waking up at every morning, and then we will see.

Of course your child is not going to start waking up at !

She will come to you when she is ready, and whether she gets ready at an earlier or later date, be sure to be open to discussion.

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