Survive dating an airman marriage after 5 months of dating

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"Because my husband missed so many milestones already," she explains, "I didn't want him to miss things like going to the zoo for the first time." But then she got a great piece of advice, "Go out and Experience life!

Life doesn't stop because my spouse is deployed." Once she finally got out and about, she reports, "It was sad that my husband missed those milestones too, but we're a happier family and or kids aren't missing out on he experiences.

As Army wife-to-be Rachel Friedhoff explains, "Life, especially military life, is all about perspective.

So make the best of it and enjoy the adventure." Chantal Arsnoe, a Marine wife, agrees remembering, "A great piece of advice I received was 'Don't involve your whole life around his career, do something for yourself.' So every time we PCS, I make myself a Top Ten list of things I want to do or places I want to go while we're stationed there." Previous lists she's made have included sky-diving, glider plane riding and going on a shark dive, but she says "it can also be something simple, like going to the local zoo.

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