Tangle wire dating

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NEW YORK -- It's a jumbled tangle of wires sitting on the table, seemingly enough HDMI cables to wire up the home entertainment section of a Best Buy.A few splitter boxes and other miscellaneous attachments are arrayed in line. On the other, something rather rarer: an oversized pair of prototype glasses with exposed circuitry and some delicate 3D-printed components.

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It ended up working and we tried to miniaturize it." Indeed, the military was an early target for this device, as well as the medical field, providing a new interface for endoscopic surgery. In fact, Avegant as a company has only existed since January of this year, when CTO Evans and CEO Tang received their first funding thanks to nothing more than a skillfully delivered presentation.

"We had a Power Point and a lot of very trusting people who believed in us," said Evans.

Everything connected, Tang hands over the device and helps get it adjusted.

Retinal projection requires precise alignment and optical focusing, a major engineering challenge that has pushed other companies toward simpler technologies when creating wearable displays.

"I was looking around and one day I realized that we don't stare at things that glow, we stare at light.

Tangle wire dating

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