Texas teen dating laws

by  |  05-Nov-2016 03:09

Court records state a family member of Randle was dating a man who stole drugs from two people, 24-year-old Devontae Owens and 26-year-old Darius Fields.

Records show Owens’ cell phone and Randle’s cellphone were in the same area until the victim’s phone was shut off.

After Randle was kidnapped, police told KXAS that a man called her family and said he abducted her.

Police later issued an Amber Alert, saying she may be in grave or immediate danger.

According to KXAS, investigators believe Randle was kidnapped and killed in retaliation for drug theft.

After several months, she moved in with her mother, and then eventually began living in her own apartment. After Tarrant College, she enrolled at Texas Christian University (TCU) in 1986 on an academic scholarship and a Pell Grant.

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