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Was there an example of an instrument using a hole in the ground for resonance?

There are many extraordinary sounds and sound-making devices on that record – whirled slit aerophone, bullroarer, mirlitons, metal basin, the ground struck by big sticks, sieves filled with bronze jewellery, enamel basins filled with gravel, water drum, stone whistles – but maybe the strangest is Mask-that-eats-water, a pit dug into the earth and covered by bark.

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In contrast, the least fully rendered sounds are the most promising, in that they have not been fully expressed, , by the instrument in question, whether zither string or voice.

The seemingly endless succession of small dishes that form the experience of shojin ryori are not bland in the sense of being indistinguishable or boring.

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To find any subtlety in the literature you had to read ethnomusicologists like Klaus P.

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