Updating gatherer without losing nodes

by  |  19-Aug-2017 11:24

I'm using deckbox but I assume there are others as well. I have downloaded a copy but it looks to be someone's personal list and might disappear at any time.

I don't have the ability to attach a file yet so download it quick!

I am going to write a program to manage my library of Magic cards and I am looking for a database file or list of all of the cards that have been released.

I was playing with this over the weekend and it works quite well, there are a couple of hiccups to look out for.

the "booster" attribute of each set object didn't play well with the library I used (Newtonsoft Json). After you have listed all of your cards, you can even see the value of your set. You can put decklists in Deckbox, and see how many of each card is in your inventory.

Levels range from copper tools for tier 1 nodes to orichalcum tools for tier 6.

Standard tools start with 100 uses (50 for sickles), although higher-use tools are available at certain vendors and infinite-use tools are sometimes available from the Gem Store.

The amount and quality of materials dropped depends only on the node and the type of tool; gathering does not depend on any discipline or profession.

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