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If you upgraded on the web dashboard and an attempted charge does not go through, you can update your billing information within 15 days of the original failed charge directly through the [Mile IQ] Subscription Charge Failed.

Please update your billing information emails sent from Mile IQ.

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This work dramatically reduces Microsoft Edge’s attack surface area (including a 90% reduction in access to Win RT and DCOM APIs), and when combined with the exploit mitigations that apply to Microsoft Edge and its brokers, increases the difficult of exploiting any remaining vulnerabilities.

You can read more about this work in Strengthening the Microsoft Edge Sandbox The Windows 10 Creators Update upgrades the Windows web platform to Edge HTML 15, which introduces a number of new, modern capabilities for web developers.

Today, the Windows 10 Creators Update began rolling out to over 400 million Windows 10 devices.

With the Creators Update, we’re upgrading Microsoft Edge with dozens of new features and under-the-hood improvements to make the best browser on Windows 10 faster, leaner, and more capable than ever.

Together with a number of performance optimizations, this has resulted in a more than twofold improvement in performance in many real-world scenarios, as measured by the Speedometer benchmark, which simulates real-world app patterns using common frameworks.

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