Updating naics codes

by  |  19-Sep-2016 21:53

Follow the instructions there for submitting your comments.

SBA will not accept comments submitted by email to this proposed rule. You may also review the proposed rule together with comments from other interested parties by going to

Once you have obtained your DUNS number and have identified your industry codes, you will need to register in SAM (System for Award Management).

To gain access to this site if you’ve already completed your SAM registration or need to update, simply log in to your SAM account, click on “Manage Entity” and then “Complete Registration”.

You will need to perform an update to your record in order to gain access to the DSBS database.

SBA is in the process of launching the second 5-year review of size standards.

As part of that effort, the Agency will first publish its revised “Size Standards Methodology” white paper for public comments.

The revised size standards are effective February 26, 2016.

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