Updating wwan coverage area on verizon

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QPST is not a paid program but is intended for developers, providers and maintenance technicians, according the software is “freeware”. Change on both the UART and the USB menus, to MODEM and hit home. Connect your phone to your computer with the usb cable, select “charging” if the select USB mode menu opens. Your computer will automatically install the modem drivers for your Epic wait until you see the “device is ready for use” 7. UPDATE: USERS HAVE SUGGESTED TO USE THE APP "ROAM CONTROL" NOTE!!!!!

updating wwan coverage area on verizon-73

For ALL users: You might not notice any changes if you update your PRL and no new towers were installed or upgraded in your area.

I can't get my phone to be recognized by PC with usb set to modem.

I'd like to backlevel my phone to pre June 1, 2017 patch to test my theory that the patch caused the problem, but I'm not sure how to do that.

If anyone thinks I'm heading down the wrong path in my troubleshooting, I'll entertain other suggestions.

MSL”, you will get your 6 digit code, if that doesn’t work, reboot the device and try again. I have only attached the latest Sprint PRL * please let me know if you have are aware of a newer PRL..thanks!! google, download and install the Samsung Galaxy S Drivers 2.5 Make sure your Epic is not USB debugging mode, to disable, go to settingsuncheck USB debugging 3. Click on the “Roam” tab and click the “Browse…” button, here you will need to browse for the PRL you downloaded earlier, select it and open it. On your phone go to settings and make sure the PRL version matches the PRL number you downloaded, if yes, Congratulations you all done!! Don’t forget to change back the USB settings ONLY back to PDA on the ##8778# menu SPECIAL NOTES For Sprint: As you might know, Sprint users can roam to Verizon’s network.

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