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Sample code is as follows: The full list of "valid" icons is available on the W3C website.

Try correcting the first few errors and running your page through The Validator again.

Be patient, with a little time and experience you will learn to use the Markup Validator to clean up your HTML documents in no time. When selected, the "Clean up Markup with HTML-Tidy" option will output a "cleaned" version of the input document in case it was not valid, done with HTML-Tidy, using the Markup Validator's default HTML-Tidy configuration.

Then run it through The Validator again; if you're lucky, you should get a lot fewer errors.

If this doesn't help, then you may be experiencing a cascade failure — one error that gets The Validator so confused that it can't make sense of the rest of your page.

The simple way to use this service to validate a Web page is to paste its address into the text area on the validator's home page, and press the "Check" button.

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