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by  |  03-Nov-2016 17:01

The application is extensible via custom editor interfaces that can be added for individual DTD's.

Version 1.0 is released and we are working on version 2.0. If you're looking for a nice user interface for XML, you've come to the right place.

Xmplify scans for and displays any documentation provided by your documents' XSDs for whatever node you're currently editing, providing you with full details of the current context no matter where you are in your document.

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If your document specifies a DTD or XML Schema, Xmplify automatically uses that to verify your document's content.

The verification results are automatically kept up to date as your edit your document.

We are a group of people interested in seeing XML technology become accessible to more people via nice user interfaces. Recent file list added, editor position and size is stored from session to session, MAC menu support has been added, tree-table column hide/show interface has been improved and the Web DAV filechooser has been enhanced.

These changes are now available in the latest CVS build of Xerlin.

And if your document doesn't specify an XSD or a DTD, Xmplify displays documentation based on the XSD it automatically derives for you.

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