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by  |  03-May-2017 13:12

If you’re working with an existing server, however, you may have a significantly different setup including multiple document roots in corresponding Virtual Host directives.

You can search for the location of additional document roots using to make sure you’re moving the files that you want to move and updating their appropriate configuration files.

Webroot closed and blocked the critical system files – crippling Windows 10 machines.

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During the time it takes to address an issue, we want to limit the number of customers exposed to that issue.

“It’s important to note that when customers use the Software Download Site to manually install the Creators Update they bypass many of these blocks.“Therefore, we continue to recommend (unless you’re an advanced user who is prepared to work through some issues) that you wait until the Windows 10 Creators Update is automatically offered to you.

This can help you with basic web server administration, like effectively hosting multiple sites on a single server.

It also allows you to take advantage of alternative storage devices such as network block storage, an important step in scaling a web site as its needs change.

A new urgent Microsoft message has been released, urging users without a tech background to avoid downloading the new Windows 10 Creators update manually.

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