Who is amerie dating now

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Ralph Tresvant and Bobby shared lead vocals early on then when Bobby left to release arguably the greatest post-soul R&B album ever, , (I can argue this with ease), Ralph took the reins solo and……well.

Yesterday it was announced by Kensington Palace that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child is expected to arrive in April 2018, and now bookmakers have released their favourite names for the new Royal baby.

Although Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen traditional names such as George and Charlotte for their first two children, some more unusual names have been brought into the mix by bookmakers including Donald and Wayne (both 200/1).

Blige comes to your church you might ask her to sing, not because she is a good singer and folks are about to be moved, but because its rude NOT to ask a person who has made a livelihood singing to sing a song.

Alicia Keys I probably don’t even have to say anything on this one.

Everybody in Boyz II Men could sing and sing well but if you had to pick a “worst” he might be the pick.

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