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“A lot is made of nothing, to be honest.” In her last years of high school she spent a lot of time working on films, but had to be emancipated to be able to do it.

“People ask: ‘What was traumatic in your childhood that you needed to do that? Let’s be clear: my mom was just as overprotective after the emancipation as she was before.” Ladd and Dern have even acted together on several occasions and were both nominated for Oscars for Rambling Rose (1991).

Although close to her mother, Dern says she is more like her father in character.

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And, despite the recent turmoil in her own life, Dern says she hasn’t given up on relationships: “Love means a lot to me, and I love loving and I love boys.” But she is not with anyone at the moment. I’m really enjoying my life right now.” She says she no longer really believes in the fairytale of marriage.

“I don’t think kids expect the fairytale anymore, either.

And as if that weren’t emotionally gruelling enough, she also spent every working moment shooting not one, but two “devastating” films about cancer. “It’s a pa-a-arty now,” she sings out, as she walks into the room where we meet to talk about The Fault in Our Stars, in which she plays the mother of a teenage girl who is dying of cancer. “Let’s get as close as possible,” she says as we choose chairs around a large table in a Los Angeles hotel.

She orders a cup of green tea with honey and submits me to a charm offensive, going out of her way to set up a rapport. Dern, 47, is an Oscar-nominated actress (for Rambling Rose) with four Golden Globes to her name.

“I used to regret not having a full college experience, but I don’t grieve it.

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