Who is diane warren dating

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On average, Warren works on one song each week, and is usually in her office every day but Sunday for at least 12 hours."I can't work on more than one song at a time, it's too schizophrenic," she says."When I got to about 14, I got passionately crazy about songwriting...

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She talks about sync fees and synergy between songs and movies (she's Hollywood's go-to girl for sweeping love themes such as "There You'll Be" from Pearl Harbour and "Because You Loved Me" from Up Close and Personal) and dismisses writing for Celine Dion again, not only for lack of an artistic challenge but because, as she notes, the newly Vegas-based showgirl sells fewer records than she used to. She's relentlessly commercial, and watches chart placements closely; she'll never waste a terrific song on an artist or record label that won't push to promote it.

She's more interested in sales than praise, and dismisses the criticism that her music is "too commercial"."It's the funniest thing," she says.

While the rest of her offices are clean and corporate, this room is a mess, every flat surface stacked with hundreds of cassettes; the old white piano she works from peaks out from under the piles, while the windows are hidden behind a pair of tatty curtains.

This mess is down to Warren's superstitious nature; she's changed nothing since first writing hits here in the mid-1980s, and rarely allows visitors inside ("I refuse to go into that hole," laughs Simon Cowell).

The gleaming offices, walls crammed with gold records, are beige and bland - oddly ordinary for a woman famous in the music business for her eccentricity and strangeness.

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