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Also loved her in Master's Sun where at least Joong-Won had an understandable reason for being so mean at first but he was so good and kind to her by the end. They did not overdid and too dramatic in their characters. This series should be just focus about the love between 3 main characters, i love the 3 main casts. The story is enjoyable and i like the lead actors and actress. The chemistry between the leads are really impressive. Everyone in the drama such as the leads, the casts, the crews, the PD and the screen writer really did their best and work together so well. As a devoted fan of K-Drama myself, I begin to feel sick of those boring unrealistic first male lead. I'm really impress by the chemistry both lead actor and actress!! Cho Jung Sook and Kong Hyo Jin, the PERFECT MATCH of the Year!Plus Kong-Sil (GHJ's character in Master's Sun) grew to have strong self regard and became very accomplished in her own rights toward the end. A good drama, but it's really sad to see almost all the korean, actually, almost in all the word, the male leaders been soo rude, and selfish. I also love the other characters as well because they complement each others. the rest actors & story i'd say im not interested.. The story about daily life and love around the broadcasting station always nice to watch, gave me depiction about how to work at broadcasting station. This is one of the best romantic comedy drama I have ever watched. Having this drama in K-dramaland is like experiencing rain in the desert. I really really love the captious Lee Hwa Shin who looks arrogant and frequently blabs around, but deep down inside is insecure and have a soft spot. Great job to Kong Hyo Jin, Cho Jung Seok, Ko Kyung Po, the other actors and actresses as well as the behind the scene team!! I hesitated but don't regret watching it again because I believed in the capability of main leads! After the last scene of the final drama, my heartache and feel like crying.

I really love your chemistry in this drama (Jong Suk and Hyo Jin). It's not only funny, but it touches on some issues and situations that most dramas never show. The comical scenes that (sometimes) doesn't make sense but I find it funny, the realistic chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk, and the story line of how people conquer their jealousy with their own way.... For those who want to enjoy funny and entertaining drama, without having to spend energy by being involved in emotional and serious life problems, this drama is the answer :) I think many people wouldn't agrree to how the story runs and ends. I really hope the broadcast station replay or re-air this drama. I don't care about the rating or the apperance of the casts. This will be my favourite and unforgetable Kdrama in my life. This drama was the most excellent, sweet, beautiful, memorable and amazing kdrama i've watch so far.

Congratulations to all the members of Jealousy Incarnate for winning the awards. I hope the PD and screenwriter also got the awards. Although some characters were not as explored as the the main characters they do stand on their own. It started well but When pyo na ri started dating jeong won, i thought 'what a mess story' (i mean we already know the ending. * And hwa shin said pyo na ri may date both him & jeong won. The acting of Jo jung sook, Kong Hyo Jin and Ko gyung Po are awsome. The quality of the story and the superb acting that captured my heart. I love this drama so much; the casts, the PD, the writer, the plot, the writing, the narration, the acting, the kisses, the sweet gestures and the OST. Everything was daebak and wonderful such as the casts, the writer, the crews, the story and the superb acting of the leads including the background music and ost. Rating just a number but what important to me is how this drama affect my emotion and bring joy to my life.

I just can't fathom the idea of the mentality "women love jerks" more because in reality this does not work. I have work and I watched this drama for only 4 days. At first, I watched this because Gong Hyo Jin is here coz she's one of my favorite korean actress.

I have that sudden thought not to finish the drama because of this because I really hate being unfaithful. Yet, this drama is worth watching and will be one of my forever favorite. i just watch this drama and I really don't like Pyo Na Ri character. but, I really loves their chemistry and their acting is so alive especially for Cho Jung Seok oppa hehe I love him since his role in King 2 Heart. Because of this, Lee Hwa Shin is one of the most interesting flawed male characters I've seen to date. Tho I admit, the mammogram segment had me laughing til I cried! Am I the only person for whom the acting of Ko Gyung-pyo is so freaking bad that I don't know how he ended up among the rest of the good cast...?

Coz almost all rom-coms out there have close to ‘perfect’ second leads who don’t get the girl!

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