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"Me personally, I have never let the media dictate my identity," she said.

"I don't hold what I am, either I'm a size 14, or a size 4, a size 8, I have never allowed that to be my self-worth.

Meghan Ory is one of the hottest women in movies and on TV.

Ory is known for her roles in hits such as Once Upon a Time and Intelligence.

She said: "Katy (of "Mike and Molly" sitcom fame) and I were in a relationship for several years, and she is a wonderful woman, but when she moved to Los Angeles we had to make a really hard decision to end that relationship. It's still hurtful to this day.” Katy Mixon is recently engaged to Olympian Breaux Greer, who is an American javelin thrower and eight-time American Champion in the game.

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