Who is ola ray dating

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From time to time, I do reviews on books, film and music on or about Michael. :)This entry will be dedicated to the women who had some kind of a romantic relationship or some type of courtship with Michael.

Each woman will be listed stating how they met Michael, an explanation of their relationship/courtship with Michael and what has happened to them since their time with Michael ended.

This blog is my tribute to the great Michael Jackson.

Diana never even came to any of Michael’s funerals and even though she dedicated her recent tour to Michael, because everyone was dedicating something to Stephanie Mills met Michael in the 1970s when she was playing Dorothy in the Broadway version of “The Wiz”.

Stephanie, like Michael, was a child singer who had amazing pipes.

Did he love people way too much that he couldn’t love one?

Was he afraid of being with one woman for the rest of his life?

In 2004, the promotional guy confirmed the rumors when he posted/stated, "When I heard Diana Ross was getting married, I was happy for her because I knew it would make her very joyous.

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