Who is ti daughter zonnique dating dating your definition cougar

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" Kodak went on to imply that he'd be immune from Tip's protective concerns since Zonnique is not his biological daughter. " Tip hasn't yet offered Kodak his blessing, though the young Atlantic Records signee doesn't feel like he needs it."That's not his daughter," said Kodak, before staging a hypothetical phone call with T. Nor does he seem interested in getting Tyga's permission to bring Kylie to the school dance.On one of the teasers, he is having a conversation with Zonnique Pullins who is the daughter of TI and Tiny, he tells her she doesn’t have a hit record and it doesn’t matter who her parents are.

Deb and her son Brandon aren’t seeing eye to eye when it comes to his career choices.

He seems to have a chip on his shoulder and maybe that’s because Deb is his mom and Waka is his brother.

Apparently it was Kylie who first contacted the teenage rap sensation -- "She said she wanted to meet me, like she dyin' to meet me by next year," revealed Kodak, who thought he might as well get the ball rolling and fly her out for this year's prom.

He went on to clarify that other Kardashian sisters, especially Kim, are also eligible.

Deb and Waka have appeared on a few episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta but that show is basically for Waka’s wife Tammy Rivera who is actually a cast member on the show. Deb without even knowing her, she keeps it real and to the point, she doesn’t mince words and I definitely look up to her as this strong black woman.

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