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And now, she’s at the stage where her identity has been messed with. We had no idea it was going to get so big and be such a huge part of the show. I think that the most amazing thing is receiving letters from fans who have been like, “I’ve never felt represented.

I’m not even sure that she’s going to tell Wynonna. Obviously, Emily Andras is writing the show and I haven’t got a say, but I have a feeling that Waverly wouldn’t tell Wynonna. I’ve been watching TV for 20 years and I’ve never seen myself in a positive, happy relationship on TV.” Hearing those stories makes it so much more important.

I didn’t even have that thought, so when I saw she had it and it all came out, I think it was a great sense of relief all around.

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There was nothing weird about that, we’re a close knit family and it made sense we’d all get together for lunch before starting the season.

They wasted no time, and Emily and Mel were like ‘there’s something we have to tell you.’ Melanie started welling up and was like ‘So, I’m pregnant!

When it comes to Wynonna Earp it’s hard to find a bigger fan than Tim Rozon.

The Montreal native, who plays Doc Holliday on the series, has made no attempt at hiding how much he loves the show he gets to be a part of, but somehow that love and respect went to a whole new level in Season 2.

I just remember looking at Shamier and being like ‘Whoa! ’ We weren’t thinking of anything other than happiness for Mel. Here’s something you should be allowed to be very happy about, and yet Mel had this worry that she was messing things up.

Who is tim rozon dating

When he finds someone that falls in love with that pic, he'll have hooked "the big one"! Regards PS thanks for the thoughts bbwhunteron yahoo when a paying member sends an email to a nonpaying one you can read them but only send quick replies...send them your email address ..mlatin...the fish picture... I will remember that..everyone doesnt get upset when I come back with a picture just like yours only difference will be is that it will be me behind the fish... I've had a slightly different experience on Yahoo personals than the other people that have added to this thread.…
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