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One suggestion: He could call ahead and ask if he could give it to them as they are seated (discretely) and it would be deducted from the bill without the date being any the wiser.

For me, if I was the one using the coupon, I would not use it on a first date.

This need is evident by the rapid popularity of coupons-Frankly, using a coupon while on a date is not an etiquette faux pas.

I promised to get you all the #dealchat transcript from last week on Coupon Etiquette.

We had some really great tips in that Twitter conversation, but the most spirited part of the online chat dealt with coupons and dating.

With the state of the economy, coupon clipping is becoming a national sport.

It seems a natural evolution due to our need to purchase items we want at the lowest price point possible.

This arresting, intriguing short film left us wanting to see more from Feld, who teaches screenwriting at SVA.

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